Friday, December 19, 2008

Sigh...well it all started when God started giving us a vision of living in community with others in our housechurch...both Jamie and I got this vision together which is odd that we're on the same page in something that is so 'not us' know? The vision got started when we saw the Lifestyles lottery home....well we didn't win it, but the vision was planted by then and we are convinced that the lottery home served it's purpose. However, because we now had a vision, we just assumed we were to make it happen now...not know? So we've been looking for 6+ bedroom homes and we found a beautiful one in Christie Park but the landlords want it rented we were again, trying to make it happen....forgetting that if God is truly in it, we don't need to strive unnecessarily, He will open the doors.....we weren't allowing for God's timing. We were becoming focused on the dream/vision and less focused on God and what He wants done. I know someday we will live in community with others and it will be a special home we create, but it HAS to be in God's timing or it will fall flat. Soooo from Monday to Wednesday, this realization finally hit. Monday we were still trying to make it happen and packing like crazy....Tues. and Wed. we have realized that the timing is off and we need to back off and let God be our main focus again...sigh. I was so excited to move out of this place! lol So now my emotions are all over and I don't know what to do with myself! lol I want to still pack nonessentials and just be organized for when we DO move, yet I don't know how much to do...I honestly haven't done much in the way of Christmas I guess I could bake up a storm again and just be ready for drop in company....not that that happens anymore...sigh. I'm just feeling the blahs after a couple days of lots of adreneline and excitement. So hopefully that explains more of the frenzied move that didn't
So no, we're not moving right now....we are, but we don't know COULD even be at the end of Jan. or wait until Aug. I don't But I do know that I'm now focused on Christmas and wondering why on earth I waited this year for the last minute to even think about giving...sigh. It's been a very strange year really...but one of growth and unity in marriage. I've never felt more 'on the same page' with Jamie as this past year....more of that Lord more!!!

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