Sunday, January 25, 2009

Childbirth and other thoughts....

Lately, I just can't get childbirth out of my head...watching homebirths on Youtube make me long for my own baby to be ready to be born soon! Yes...I'm actually getting excited about this birth! Most women dread it, don't they? Yet something inside of me is getting excited to feel those belly hugs that you just KNOW are not braxton hicks contractions! To be able to tell Jamie that it's time to set up the birth pool! To go to blockbuster to rent a couple new movies for the kids to watch if they get bored with me in labor, if it's a daytime thing....Two months seems so far away and yet nice and close...this has been the easiest pregnancy I've had yet, so maybe that has something to do with all these positive feelings. I've gained between 20 and 25 lbs so far which is not that different from my other pregnancies, but I'm eating so much healthier too so perhaps that's what makes me feel better, and the lack of stress normally caused by health care professionals. Yes, we've done our own prenatal care, everything that would have been done in the clinic was done by me this time around...and I tell you, it's been worth it! I didn't realize how stressed out I got with all the dr's appointments and needless ultrasounds! And when I DID start questioning whether we were doing the right thing or not, Jamie and I BOTH were reassured by our Loving God that HE was in control and that YES, He has called us to this very different, very non-mainstream journey. And not in just our healthcare but in all areas of our lives! I mean, most Christians don't just up and stop going to church on, but it has been SO COOL how much Jamie and I have grown in our relationship with God since we left! We were no longer being spoonfed someone else's spiritual experiences, we had to start seeking God for ourselves and wow! It's been awesome!
Oh, and then there's the whole eating, after reading Skinny Bitch my wonderful husband has sworn off dairy and meat! Not that we consumed a lot of meat anyhow, but goodness...we went through the dairy! I'm talking 3-4 gallons of milk a week (that's just one man and 2 kids and the kids were very limited with milk!) and then a double brick of mozza cheese a week, you know the $24 ones at superstore!!! yikes! Oh yes and the 5 liters of yogurt a That's a heck of a lot of fat consumption!! Anyhow, we're drinking almond milk, soooo yummy and not nutty or full of hormones like soy milk. And our fruit and veggie intake has just soared! I'm to the point where I don't see the value of the flyers anymore because most of the stuff in there are things I wouldn't even buy anyhow! lol I go straight to the organic section when I grocery shop instead of down EVERY aisle! So it has been a nice time saver as well! We still spend about the same amount for groceries, since we don't buy the meat and dairy anymore but those are replaced by healthier food choices, and oddly enough, my potato chip cravings are gone!!! I grab celery and sugar snap peas and carrots if I need a crunchy snack! And my sugars have drastically improved! Let's just say Dec. was NOT a great month diabetes, but even though I'm in my 3rd trimester (since Jan 1st) when insulin resistance is at it's highest, my sugars have been at it's best since we've changed our eating habits...and that's not to say we NEVER have dairy or meat, good grief, we'll eat whatever is put in front of us! BUT at home we make different choices and we don't eat out anymore. So that's a big money saver too!! lol
All of this big post to say...I'm happy, content, and loving the life I live right now! My husband loves me, and has had most of the winter off, which has been WONDERFUL!!! My kids are a blessing and help to me while dad is gone for the week. I just feel so full, I could burst!
Thank you Lord!!! It's all because of YOU, my joy is in YOU, God...You're the one that has made my heart content (even though I don't get to move to a bigger house with a nice soaker tub), You have made me see my children as a blessing and a joy (even though they don't always listen and bedtime is a torturous 3 hour ordeal most nights), You have allowed my husband to spend time at home this winter and build family relationships(even though it threw our schedules off a lot)....I just feel like I've got it so good right now, that everyone should be jealous....LOL, now that's a pretty darn good feeling!


kesmom said...

What an awesome post Lori Dawn!!! I love seeing true JOY in people, and you are obviously loving an almighty GOD!

Vanessa said...

What an awesome feel good post, Lori Dawn!
Glad to hear what's working for you! : )