Saturday, April 18, 2009

He's a month old already!!!

Wow! Ok, so I'm back to prepregnancy clothes that fit perfectly or are a little loose on me, that's weird since it took 2 years to accomplish this after having Shyla!! NOT that I'm complaining! haha
So here's a picture of the little man!

We've finally finished all the fun little workbooks for Silas' schooling that I had gotten for him while we moved and were preoccupied with a new we are ready to start afresh with his 'regular' schoolwork on Monday...I'm so excited to get started again! lol It's like September for me! lol It's so weird that we have only done one fieldtrip this schoolyear and I missed out on it! The tour of Bernard Callebaute Chocolate factory...sigh...yes I opted to stay home and rest...too exhausted in my pregnant state...Jamie was a sweetie and brought home some chocolate! woo hoo! and the last field trip was on the day Malachi was born! So between forgetting about field trips and then just sending Jamie and Silas on the one field trip it's been a quiet school year...thank goodness for our monthly support groups and even then I missed it last month because my mom was in town.

And then there's my little princess...sigh, she just turned 3 at the end of March! She's starting to chub up again and along with her birthday came a fun little attitude and challenging disposition. lol Ok, so it started a little before her birthday, but it is still there and we are trying to nip it in the bud before it gets too developed! lol She has adjusted so well to her new baby brother and protects him very well and wants to love on him ALL THE and yet she still pokes my belly in great sadness wishing for a baby to be growing in there, although this time she wants a baby girl...hehe I just tell her she'll have to wait for a

So that's a quick little update of our lives. Life is slowly returning back to normal. Jamie is hoping to start spring cleanup this coming week! YAY! And I'm really hoping to be able to get some sleep soon...more than an hour at a time. Malachi is having issues sleeping at night...and is very gassy, I'd really like to get him in to a chiropractor asap...and there IS a naturopathic chiropractor right here in my area of the city that is taking on new patients! woo hoo! So I really just need to get the phone number and make an appointment. I'm pretty sure that will be a big help! That and getting him off of formula!
Here's a picture of me 2 weeks after giving birth..
Now that life is almost normal again I hope to update a little more regularly! lol Tata for now!


Michele said...

wow am jealous. it takes me months to get back to a semblance of prepregnancy anything. LOL. glad to see you are both doing well and your daughter is adjusting. the attitude is unfortunately a recurring problem lol. hope all continues well. :)

Prvbs31Mama said...

It usually takes ME a couple years to get back to prepregnancy state!! lol I attribute this quick comeback to our new to us vegan diet!

L Harris said...

wow! you really were all baby, hey? good job. and thanks so much for your support.