Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's 3 months!

Oh my, I'm amazed how quickly time is flying! Mr. M is giggling now and proving to be quite a happy little man! He loves kisses on his face and belly zerberts. He hates a wet diaper and lets us know when he's peed almost immediately! And he poops quite regularly in the toilet, which is very nice since we use cloth diapers! lol Already he has a sense of humor...he was just fussing one evening and I had had enough, so I looked at him with a frown and said in a stern voice a little bit louder than normal, "You. Stop. Fussing!" He looked back at me with a BIG GRIN and giggled at me....little turkey....pushing my buttons already....where do they learn this?!?!

So, my "little" man is 13 lbs 6oz. and is 25 inches long...and will need a new carseat this summer!!! My others used the infant carseat until they were around a year old!!! Craziness....I think I'll get the bigger carseat that has the option to keep them rear facing a bit longer...and can be used up to 80 lbs as a booster seat as well....especially with the silly expiration dates on dumb is that?!?


Yvonne said...

Oh Lori-Dawn, he's so beautiful! You have been blessed beyond measure with your wonderful family. Don't worry about the messy house - time flies by too quickly and one day you'll have the house to yourself and miss the days gone by of sticky finger prints on the light switches and mud in the hallway.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it and totally understand the need to save the unborn. I too often wish I could be as eloquent as Paige! I'm definitely not a writer. I understand both of your passion for prolife :) Isn't funny how we were all created so different :)

I'm glad you've had good experiences for your pregnancies and home births. They weren't even an option for me as I have high risk pregnancies (for me not the baby) and have to be followed closely. So it wasn't even something I ever considered. If I could have my opinion might be different. Before I even got married I knew the day I found out I was pregnant I'd have to go to the doctor and get put on blood thinners. For me to be a mother I needed the doctors care. We lost Jared's twin at 12 weeks. When Jared was delivered he wasn't breathing and they had to give him a shot to get him to breath. With Keziah the delivery was fast (no one even caught her). When we first found out about her brain being the issue (she wouldn't use her left hand at 4.5 months)... I was blown away. They said maybe she had a stroke prenatally. The MRI showed that she had a brain malformation from early pregnancy. Which has caused spastic hemiplegia. I really do wish I would have no during the pregnancy. We had early ultrasounds with both babies to make sure nothing was wrong due to the medicine I was on. I would have never considered abortion, but I did want to know what to expect. I'm also a person that if I know the worst case scenario I feel blessed when the diagnosis doesn't come out as bad. I can plan for the worse, and love when it isn't that bad. It is the way I deal with things. Keziah is doing amazing and is really mild considering.

Now that I live in a world of friends with special needs kids I'm often shocked and amazed that people still have home births. I'm so glad that yours turned out well. I know one mom with a daughter who was born at home and has a brain injury because they couldn't get her breathing. Then the doctors told her to let her go, but she didn't and she fought for her daughters life. Others where their babies were injured at birth as well. Doctors aren't god, but I think God does gift them with knowledge on how to make babies safe. They still make mistakes. After having a daughter with a brain malformation and knowing that the right care can help prevent injury I'm passionate about prenatal care and hospital births. Sure the doctors might not agree with you... and they might not be able to do anything about the outcome... Again I'm glad you've had such positive outcomes. I pray that everyone can and know that ultimately God loves everyone and every little wee babe.

Thanks again! Paige said that you weren't trying to attack me :) You're commenting on my blog meant a lot to me. You sound like a passionate person in a lot of areas of life and it would do me good to be more passionate and outspoken about my beliefs. Enjoy your children. They are beautiful.

Courtney said...

I'd love to hear your birth stories.. as I too am a 'birth junkie' :) I honestly don't know all the last names of the people that dedicated their kids the same day as me :(