Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Mr. M!!!

Yes it's definitely time to do an update with pictures etc!! lol My computer is still very slow, but am being patient today...hehe
So here's a few pictures and videos for you to enjoy! He is now a 20lb lug and is 28 inches long...and he's 7 months old. The last picture shows how he sleeps...his face must be covered and then he starts sucking his and then off to lalaland he goes!!

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Vanessa said...

Oh goodness!! He's such a big boy already!! Look at him with the toy box!!! OH!! Somebody tell these lil ones to SLOW DOWN! LOL!! sigh! Jacob's starting to eat solids already (of his own volition, not Mommy's, LOL!)
Love how Mr. M likes to sleep!! :)