Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our New Journey...

I love this explains the path my family is on...we do it not legalistically, but simply because we are in love with Yeshua our Savior, and He tells us to keep His commandments and do ALL that we're told to do...until heaven and earth pass blessed as you watch this short video. you may need to paus...e it to read some of the longer portions of Scripture.


mamazee said...

well, i know this is a very popular heresy right now - the momys list is completely this way -

a few questions
1. if Torah observance is important, why didn't God care that Abraham didn't eat kosher (he fed his guests butter, milk and the calf)

2. If the Law is so important, what importance has Jesus' sacrifice?

3.What of the fact that we *cannot* keep much of the Torah because there is no Temple?

4. Doesn't Jesus' death on the cross affect the parts about sacrifices? As HE is the ultimate sacrifice? If so, could it not have an impact on other parts of the Torah?

5. If you are keeping the whole Law, do you keep the ones about a man's uncleanness, or the ones about stoning? Or the ones about mixing fibres?

I guess it seems to me that when Jesus made us all ONE, He was instituting His new covenant, and what had gone before was no longer any account - it didn't matter if you had been Jew or Gentile up to that point, now you were something new - you were a follower of Jesus...

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with the above comment, LD. I watched the video and it did put a check in my spirit.

In love, Carlee

Prvbs31Mama said...

Hey Stephanie...I'm not going to even pretend to think that I have all the answers to your questions...but I'll share what I DO know.
#1 YHWH hadn't talked to Moses yet and given them the instructions for food when Abraham was entertaining guests...and what he DID feed them was indeed kosher according to biblical dietary laws as far as I know...I'm not about to follow rabbinical dietary laws because again those are mans laws...not YWHW's. I have lots of studying to do on this still...but the Bible is pretty straight forward so far regarding what's clean and unclean, mind you I haven't gotten to Leviticus

#2& 3 Y'shua's sacrifice is what enables us to live with Him forever...the purpose of keeping the Torah is simply in obedience to YHWH, knowing that He made those instructions so that life will be lived much smoother...
Let me ask you this...
Is it legalistic for you to obey the traffic laws when you drive a car? NO, it keeps you and everyone else safe! This is the purpose of Torah! If we keep our eyes on Y'shua and keep Torah to worship Him, and to obey Him simply because we love Him and want to honor Him...I think life would be a little smoother going...
I haven't studied this thought too much yet, but I'm told that Y'shua's sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice that took care of the ceremonial laws, but we still need to uphold the moral this *could* be the answer to most of your questions...this is why I'm learning Hebrew so I can read it myself and figure out if different Hebrew words were used for the different laws...but translated into the same word...sigh...and then knowing that even the Hebrew versions may still be off because of all the translations over the years...Guess it's Holy Spirit's job to reveal what I am to know. lol

Y'shua is in fact the Passover Lamb, yes, again I have no idea how this all affects the sacrifices...this is one area I haven't done much studying yet.
And I don't know about #5 either...
I'm still very new to this walk and I simply can't read and understand everything in a heartbeat. lol I wish!
I'm simply walking in obedience according to what Holy Spirit has revealed to me thus far. As I study Christianity, hoping that I can find a reason to stick with it...I'm more and more sickened by the amount of paganism that is in the very deep roots of it. I'm even wondering if the Greek Jesus is the same as the Hebrew Y'shua. I'm cautious to say they are one and the same, Constantine really did a number with this one and it's like he simply created a new god and adopted some Judaism to go with this new god so that believers would settle with it in order to keep their lives intact. Thus a new cult was born.

Seriously, if you study the very roots of Christianity, you won't find hardly anything is Biblical except that they use the Bible as a guideline, but they usually stick to Paul's letters (and except for Galatians those letters were written to Jews who all kept Torah and so Paul didn't need to go into detail about keeping Torah which is too bad cause so many preachers twist verses out of context)...and yes, Holy Spirit will still guide those who seek the One true God, but I cringe when I'm called a Christian.
Even the names that we've been raised to call Elohim are horrible!
Which is why you will find many Torah followers using the Hebrew names instead of Jesus, Lord, God...
I need to blog some more...I will expand on what I've been learning about ceremonial laws vs. moral laws...
I appreciate your questions Stephanie..I WISH I had all the answers. I'm finding that Judaism is just as divided as Christianity, so many factions...and it's easy to go off and follow another man's teachings because they sound "right"...but I'm trying my hardest to stick to reading the Word and changing my Greek mindset to a Hebrew mindset, so that I can understand the Tenach better.

Prvbs31Mama said...

And yes, it doesn't matter Jew or Gentile, Elohim has a place for us all, we are the same now, Paul said that the Gentiles are grafted in to the family of Elohim. That to me makes me assume that WE should then live the way THEY did, because we are grafted in to THEM...also, Y'shua kept Torah and we are to be like Him right? He didn't come to do away with the law but to fulfill it...and that makes sense if you're talking about the ceremonial law...doesn't make so much sense if we're talking about the moral law...anyhow..just an afterthought. lol

Anonymous said...

as i look into scripture the thing that seems most clear is that the Father is concerned about relationship. everything points to that. i don't think He is majorly concerned with laws for the sake of laws. they were all given so that relationship might be kept. they were given to point people to the Father. He didn't say to obey your parents just for the sake of was because if we don't it breaks down relationship. He didn't say he hates divorce cause He wanted people to be miserable in their marriages...He said it because of the great damage it causes to relationship.
He plainly says we're not under law anymore (rom. 6)He also plainly says that ALL things are lawful (I Cor.6)
He also states very clearly that the entire "law" (or Torah) is summed up in two commands. Love God and love others. (Matt. 22:37-40)
of course you have to look at both sides because although He said all things are lawful...He also said in the same passage that they're not all profitable.
however, he plainly says that "works and law" don't matter in and of themselves. they are nothing unless done for the sake of relationship...for the sake of love. Paul gives examples of this when he talks about what you eat doesn't matter and he says circumcision (a huge thing in Jewish minds) is nothing. (he also says uncircumcision is nothing) to me his point seems clear.
he's saying...don't get caught up in rules and regulations. get caught up in RELATIONSHIP! if rules drive you to relationship than by all means do them. but don't do them just for their own sake. that means nothing.
yet it's not wrong to observe feasts and carry on with the traditions of the O.T. as long as they in and of themselves don't become your god....cause they can. i've seen it happen over and over. i've had it happen in my own life. however, if they are driving you to the Father...if they are creating a closeness. if they are revealing who God is to you than by all means do them. but i don't believe the Bible teaches that we have to do them to love God. He says we don't. for some they may be a hinderance to the gospel.
i think we need to look beyond the surface and see what the Father's heart was when he instituted those laws. i think you'll find it was all about relationship! and yes, sin hinders relationship. it utterly destroys it. yet we cannot say it's sin when we don't follow the O.T. law because that has been done away with.
we can say it's sin when we don't love God or love others. (and we've been given plenty to describe what that love looks like)
also, from my understanding, Scripture does not teach that we must call our Father the same names as the O.T. people did. when Jesus died on the cross that sacred place of the O.T. that only the high priest could enter(the holy of holies) was gone forever. (signified by the veil being torn in two) we now have a way to go straight to the Father...through Jesus...and through Him (Jesus) we are able to call Adoni...Abba Father. Abba is Aramaic...the sister language to Hebrew. Abba means.."the Dad" It's an affectionate term for Daddy. Among the Rabbis it was agreed that the term "daddy" should not be used of God. They felt the term was too familiar..not reverent enough. Yet Jesus and Paul used this term. And we are to use it as well. (Rom. 8:15)
i know that it's hard to use such a personal name for Elohim. Yet, i believe as we get to know His heart for us it becomes natural. God had to take me to the bottom and back before i could see His Daddy heart for me displayed in breathtaking beauty. and now i know that although He is definitely YHWH and always will be forever and ever He is also my Daddy-Father and will always and forever be as well!
what a blessing that you are studying God's Word. it will not come back void.

Prvbs31Mama said...

Please see my blog post for my answer regarding anonymous' was too long for a