Thursday, July 8, 2010

Purging and Packing.

Just thought I would take a moment and update my blog since I've been rather occupied lately.  I can not believe how freeing it is to get rid of "stuff" seriously freeing!  I feel like I have time in the evenings to actually enjoy myself and start a hobby!  That is seriously a bizarre feeling as I've felt for so long (years) that I'm always behind in housework (mostly laundry)!  But now I feel like I'm more free to even THINK about fun things to do!  What a change that happens in your demeanor! I smile more.  I feel more spontaneous because I don't have a long list of things to do at home.  I have less stress and worries!  All this simply because I got rid of all our extra clothes and I purged my library!  WOW, that's a trade I'd make any day!
Oh, and we are also purging our tv/vcr/dvd player along with our tv stand,  game cube and playstation and all associated games of course.  So if anyone is interested and in the area, here's the Kijiji listing! Why are we being so extreme?  Well, this is one more thing that distracts us from relationships with each other as well as with our God, Yahweh.  He is a jealous God you know...He doesn't want to share us, He wants our full attention so that He can speak to us.  We want Him to speak, we are ready to listen.  And as a family we decided that this is one thing that needs to go.  We will keep the computer for now as we feel we still need it for homeschooling, networking etc.  but who knows! Maybe that will be the next to go!

Another thing I've been doing is making a list of people who I have had negative feelings towards...and making things right.  I haven't gotten to everybody, but am slowly working down the list and asking forgiveness of those I have wronged in my bad attitude, or simply forgiving and letting go of the people who hurt me unknowingly.  And even if those I've wronged do not respond in any way to me, I'm ok with that, because I've done my part and I'm right again with my God.  We can only be forgiven as much as we forgive others!  It says so right in The Lord's Prayer! I need much forgiveness so I had better keep a short account with others!  I can't wait to finish getting through my list!  I really didn't realize how bitter I had become over the years...I mean I knew it was happening, but didn't realize how much that bitter spirit shone out of me.  That sucks.  I'm so glad I serve a gracious God!  Like seriously relieved! 

Anyhow, that's what's going on in the heart of Lori-Dawn this summer!  Can't guarantee that I'll post again for awhile, so enjoy your summer and your families!


paige said...

LD - i was just thinking about you & your purging this morning. Even though we're already fairly minimal in what we keep - you have really inspired me to take it to the next level. i'm getting some ideas of where i could improve in our house too - & you're right - how freeing. & also it's a kind of a declaration - "i trust you to take care of me, Father - i don't need to hoard for a rainy day just in case you let me down..."
i'd love it if you blogged some of your success in pics!! i was amazed to see you getting rid of more than 50% - that's massive.

Lori-Dawn said...

LOL, yeah I totally should have..sigh. Perhaps I still will, well I DO still have to purge Silas' toy shelf! LOL I'll do before and afters for that one...hee hee. We will very soon be a star wars free house! can't wait! I already purged "magic princesses"...magic is not allowed at all, but somehow disney princesses ended up all over Shyla's room...sigh...I love moving!

Mae said...

I am so happy for you with your purging!! That always makes life eaier with less things; less to keep up with and less to clean. Just makes life easier and simplier!

I also have that as my goal this summer and coming winter. I am spreading mine over a long period of time!! I am bad at putting stuff off like that.

I am very proad of you to be getting rid of the T.V and the other items you mentioned!! Way to go! i do beleiev all of those things that take up our time, and disstract us from God is not good.

we do not have a T.V either. But we do have a DVD player. I wished we didn't have that as well but thats one thing that menas alot to hubby it seems. And i am ok with it if its very restricted and only one movie night a week. ( poor husband i know!)

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog!! That gives me encouragment!

Take care, mae