Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time to think about school again...already!!?

Yup...what a weird year!  this summer has been blissfully cool to me and while I enjoy the coolness of Aug. (that seems very odd to write as Aug. is usually our HOT month!) I am starting to feel the cooling of the air and feel a long Autumn coming upon us.  This is my favorite season of all...the crunch of the leaves, the smells of dried out plants/trees.  I feel very content during the Fall season.  I think too it is because we are more structured once we start up bookwork again.  We actually have a schedule and it's not just "do what you want" days...lol 

And so,  I've been having fun the last couple of weeks and buying our curriculum for the year...here is what it looks like so far!

We will be doing Teaching Textbooks 4 for math this year.
For language arts we are sticking with School of Tomorrow using their English and Word Building paces.
For the rest of learning this year we will be using the Prairie Primer and reading through The Little House on the Prairie series and learning all about homesteading and how to do things without all the modern conveniences!  I think I will have fun with this one!

We will also be learning Hebrew this year as well. Using this program, Silas and I will be learning to read Hebrew together and Shyla will join us as we learn to speak Hebrew.  I love how the language sounds...like music...sigh...

AND because we are in a small town we won't be doing Awana this year, but I found this awesome program that will take it's place, it's called the Keeper's Club.  Which will also tie in very nicely with the Prairie Primer because it encourages learning skills like archery and knot tying instead of just being entertained with games! lol  It also encourages lots of Bible memory as well.  I'm all for that!

I *think* that's all I have lined up for the year...oh yeah, Silas will also be doing handbells and PE class this year!  Not to mention all the field trips!  But I don't know what those field trips are yet...lol  I'll blog about them as they happen! lol

That's about it for now...I'm not thinking about schooly school again until it's time to start planning our weeks...and so until after the long weekend, I will simply wait for all my curriculum to show up and then we have fun!!!


Becky said...

Hi, Lori-Dawn ... is the Keepers Club something that is hosted in your town, or are you guys doing this on your own? I checked out the link and it looks like something that we would be interested in doing. ˚Ü˚

Lori-Dawn said...

We are doing it on our own..Jamie is doing it with Silas and I'll do it with Shyla. It looks PERFECT to me!! lol I know a person COULD do it in their church or with a few other families...it looks like it is very flexible that way!

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll keep us posted on how this program works for you guys.