Sunday, September 12, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap!

Well, we'll see how it works!  I tried my hand at making dish soap last week and was not impressed with it at all...sigh...but I have bigger hopes for the laundry soap! 
I used up a couple bars of soap I had kicking around the house...unfortunately they're the laundry soap is scented as well...I hope it doesn't aggravate everyone's eczema! Once that got grated and melted down on the stove in just enough water to cover it, then it got dumped into a 5 gallon bucket and 4 gallons of very hot water got thrown in it as well!  After stirring it up and making sure it was mixed well, I added 4 cups of borax and 4 cups of washing soda, and then stirred lots more until it was all dissolved.  the lid is now on the bucket, waiting for Jamie to take it to the basement!  Note to self...find scent free soap...the house stinks to high heavens right now and I really am not keen on heavy smells!!!
Next time, I'll make it with tea tree oil soap and just add a few drops of tea tree oil to my diaper loads.
And I guess, I'll be doing laundry today and tomorrow!  No more excuses! lol


Lori-Dawn said...

Just want to say I'm loving the soap so far! It isn't bothering our skin and it doesn't stink either! LOL

Mae said...

It sounds like it should be good soap.
I need to make another bucket full as well.
Hey, i have been meaning to ask you if i could add a link to your blog to my list on my side-bar.