Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Dream with Interpretation....

The following is a dream a friend recently shared with me along with the interpretation, which I whole-heartedly agree with.  An awesome reminder to hold fast to our convictions and not let the enemy sneak in by appearing "cute" or harmless.

My family and I had just moved into a new house, (this is the "dream" part because we've been trying to move for a while now and we were in a fabulous new home, nothing fancy, just exactly what we're looking for). I woke up the first morning in our new home and started to go down the stairs into the kitchen area when I spotted on the bottom of the stairs what looked like a roach. ( This was very disturbing for me because once we lived in a du-plex that was infested with roaches. I hate them with a passion! Thankfully, we did not live there long. We moved into our first home and much to our delight I think we've found one dead roach in our attic since we've moved here about 10 years ago! So, you can imagine my distraught in the dream, thinking I've just moved from a place with virtually no roaches to the house of our dreams WITH Roaches!) As I got closer what looked like a roach started to look more like a huge, brown scorpion! I was the only one up and knew I had to do something about it right away, so started looking for something to kill it with. A few moments later my hubby joined me downstairs and took over the mission. As we ran around looking for something strong enough to hit it with, it started running toward the area we were standing, which caused us to quickly move out of that area (LOL), that's when I noticed ANOTHER ONE! Both my hubby and I started smacking the floor tying to kill these things as they scurried around us (gives me the hibby-gibbies just thinking about it). I guess what we were using wasn't strong enough because we would hit them and break parts of them but they were still alive and moving. Then the weirdest thing happened, as parts of them began to be destroyed the scorpions started to appear differently. They started to appear cute, like little white puppies starring up at us wondering why we were trying to kill them! Now it had become impossible to kill them, they were too cute. Even though we couldn't understand what had happened we gave up trying to kill them and decided they could stay. This is where this part of the dream ended. Now on to the interpretation...

I believe Father was showing me the enemy in the form of the scorpion, always lurking about ready to attack. We HAVE to remember he can change into any form he wants and most of the time he won't come as an ugly scorpion, that would be too obvious. He comes as an angel of light or a cute puppy! Decieving you with the warm fuzzy feelings so he can stick around and poison us! Our eyes, ears, hearts, feelings can easily decieve us!! But, Father sees them for the evil that they are. We must SEE through HIS eyes! TEST EVERYTHING in our lives according to HIM, His Word!!!

After he showed me this, the first thought that came to my head was Christmas. Everyone sees it as this sweet, innocent, little holiday. I mean what can be as innocent as celebrating the birth of our Messiah, right? As I thought of this I felt Father's utter disgust! The feeling literally makes me nauseous. Things we see as harmless, innocent, He sees as vile, filth! Worthless excrement that needs to be puked out of our life!

Christmas came to me at first, but it's not just Christmas that the enemy uses! He can use anything and everything he wants. ALL of us, need to step back and take a REAL look at the things we are allowing into our lives!! Pray that we will have Father's eyes to SEE it for what it really is. Is is acceptable to Him or unacceptable? His Word is our plumbline our tester of all things!

When I first read it, the first thing that came to my mind was TV.  We have a TV, and every now and then we get Cable....and then we are again convicted about the Cable and get it disconnected, yet a year or so later we get it again! SIGH, the last time we got cable we only kept it for 2 months...I think we've learned this  And even just this past week with the Nintendo Wii's on major sale, I caught myself thinking "oh that would be fun!!"  Sure it would but then we'd have to deal with addiction issues to the games!  It's a distraction from the things of Yah!  And then there's the Mary Higgins Clark book I read a few weeks ago...totally did NOT point me in the direction of my Creator and totally made me neglect my household chores as I couldn't put it down...sigh  Another seemingly harmless thing that distracted me...this dream applies to so many areas of our lives.  It reminds me to stay grounded in the Word and as I keep the Word in my mind and heart, the things of the enemy will NOT appear "cute" and harmless!!  May YHVH continue to increase my discernment in these last days.


Mae said...


That is so true.
I Like that about Chridtmas!
And i feel the same way about the T.V and cable.
Hey get rid of the t.v, then you wont have an issue with getting cable!!

Lori-Dawn said...

LOL, yes, you are right...the only thing that had held me back was Jamie wanted the tv for his video games...well they're broke now so perhaps it's time to revisit this topic and purge it! thanks for the encouragement Mae!!!