Thursday, December 2, 2010


Yes, I used to have a Happy Hanukkah post here...however, I was not at peace with it.  Not with the post, the post was fine, I was not at peace with Hanukkah!  Here I am, trying to get rid of man-made traditions in my life and I accept this one.  How silly was that?  Once I talked to Jamie and we agreed that it was NOT one of YHWH's commanded Feasts and therefore just another man-made holiday, we decided much to my relief, that we would bypass it this year.  It simply felt too hypocritical for us to embrace it, while turning up our nose at all other man-made holidays.  I'm not saying that it is a pagan holiday.  I'm not saying that YHWH will strike you down if you DO celebrate it or Christmas.  But for us, He is leading us away from anything with pagan roots (Christmas) as well as anything that is not commanded by Him to celebrate(Hanukkah).  Yes, that means birthdays will not be celebrated either...but we WILL enjoy giving gifts to our children at random and in complete surprise!  This way there will never be any expectation, but only joy and thankfulness when they get them! lol

So instead of celebrating anything, we are simply going to enjoy our time together as a family and do the things we always say we'll do but never find time to do!  Lots of games, toboganning, perhaps even ice skating, go to the Royal Tyrell Museum with our Creation Guide.  Yes, we'll have a vacation at home!  We'll likely be the most relaxed family in Alberta without the stresses of Christmas shopping etc!! lol

I hope this first cold month of the year finds your hearts and homes warm.

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