Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shyla in the Calgary Sun!!!

We had so much fun picnicking at Bowness Park during the Sabbath yesterday!  It is not often that we have winter picnics, but the weather was warm and so we made good use of it!  I'm so blessed that a newspaper cameraman happened by and wanted to take this picture!  I will always remember the fun we had with our friends as the kids skated and played while the parents were actually able to sit and talk for a bit!  The kids all slept well last night to say the least!


Jacinda said...

That is so neat LD. We have a newspaper clipping from a day that Mike took the little kids to the library after they had remodeled. He was sitting in a little love seat with the kids piled around him and reading to them when the camera guy happened to be ready to do a report on the re opening of the library after special improvements!
Glad you had some good fellowship.
And the bonus of a picture to remember it by!

Lori-Dawn said...

Oh it was such sweet TO fellowship!!