Friday, August 12, 2011

I Am David

by Anne Holm. More info on book here.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It made me think long and hard about how I respond to life.  I found that I came up short....I take too many things for granted in this western culture we live in.  Comfort is a "requirement" not a luxury.  A huge variety of food is a "requirement" if we don't want to "feel" poor.  How have we gotten so spoiled in this thing we call life?

I plan to read this book again and again and adjust my attitudes towards my expectations in life and I also plan to read it aloud to the family so we can adjust we can see the beauty of YHVH's Creation and not dwell on the uncomfortable muggy day etc....kind of like the lesson that Mary Poppins teaches her charges when she sings the song "Spoon full of Sugar".

A fabulous attitude adjustment is what the rest of Aug. is going to be all about in our house!  And perhaps we'll watch the movie based on this book in Sept! 


Stephanie said...

Shalom Lori-Dawn! We enjoyed this read as well. My daughter read it last year and encouraged me to read it. I ended up reading it to all the children and then we watched the movie. Really helps put life in perspective!

Vanessa said...

Funny thing, LD! We're reading the Little House books right now, and I'm getting the same thoughts as you about how we perceive our lifestyle, and I've come to the same conclusion as you!! That we (okay, I!) need an attidude adjustment around here! LOL!!
Very interesting.... :)

Lori-Dawn said...

Yay! I found I Am David on Netflix! will have to watch it before we disconnect the internet!