Monday, December 15, 2008

What??? Prepare like you're moving in 4 days??? We need prayer!!

Oh dear...I think I may be losing my mind to actually be ok with this thought...but all of a sudden I'm withdrawing from my sweeties and just wanting to be alone to process the speed at which all of this is happening...I've packed up half my bedroom and will be going crazy from room to room all week. Shyla is extra clingy due to the change in my own attitude and the fact that the stress level has soared through the roof I'm sure! lol
So the reality is this, IF we can find someone to rent out our current home, we are released from our lease and are free to apply to rent a nice big house....the pictures are available on a previous blog...however, what happens if we find someone to rent our current home and someone else gets the nice big house??? Is this a test of faith? Are we to go ahead and sign a lease on the new place and trust God to find renters for the smaller house?? I need clarity. I need God to just relax me and at the same time give me energy. To also bless me with patience for the kids while I'm really busy packing...they are following me around the house, and I know they usually do anyways, but right now, I'm focused...I'm trying to sort things out in my head! and they aren't exactly helping my poor pregnant brain to focus on the task at hand! LOL How many times will I say, "Yes, I'd love to play a game with you, but I have to pack boxes instead." sigh....perhaps we will ask Gramma and Opa to take them for a couple of days closer to moving day.
Anyhow, I'm stressed out right now and just need to sit down and if you think of us this week, please send up a prayer!!

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