Monday, December 15, 2008

My wonderfully crazy stormy evening Dec.13/08

Yes, it's storming like crazy here today...the winter storm warning is in effect until tomorrow evening! But oh how it's getting me in the mood for Christmas!!
After picking up some tickets from a friend for a concert her daughter is in on Saturday with the Bow Valley Fiddlers, Shyla and I went home and I was able to kinda test drive my 'new to me' station wagon in the fun weather! it was fun going around the traffic circle thank goodness no one was beside us as it's a double lane traffic circle! haha but the car handled beautifully and I was able to correct it quite nicely without a bunch of jerky movements etc and without hitting any curbs! haha I felt rather proud of the way I drove...sigh and my husband wasn't even there to witness it...just my 2 yr old daughter..sigh..
Anyhow, AFTER all that we left the house at 3:30 to drive over (Jamie drove the truck, I had enough driving for the day!!!) to see about renting a 6 bedroom home that is nice and close to Jamie's work and is big enough for our growing family as well as being able to live in community with some of those in our housechurch! It took us 2 hours to make the drive which usually would take half an hour in rush hour!!! It was so depressing watching people walk past us on the sidewalk as we inched along to our destination and with a 2 yr old in underwear saying she needed to pee!!!! I nearly just took her outside and helped her squat on the sidewalk, but apparently this city has a bylaw against urinating in public and I didn't want to deal with that
Sooooo, after finally getting to the house and meeting our roomate Holly there, we looked around and fell in love with the place! So we will phone the landlord tomorrow and ask about renting it etc. Is it wierd that the landlord didn't meet us there? He just gave us the code for the key box on the door!! Here's a link to pictures of the house!! After all that, I hopped into Holly's car with her and we proceeded to travel up a hill...she was going 80 km but barely moving...yes her tires were bald and were getting balder by the minute as we smelled that lovely smell of burning rubber. Until my wonderful husband came to our rescue and pushed us up the hill with the truck...LOL what a hoot! a couple of scuff marks later we made it up the hill and Holly and I were on our way to the opposite end of the city to grab some snow tires at the only Canadian Tire that carried her size tires at this time of year...apparently everyone is buying tires right now...didn't realize there were so many procrastinators in this city! lol Anyhow, it was a nice uneventful drive there and then we headed over to her mom's apartment and picked up about 150 lbs of card making supplies! Holly used to be a Stamp'N'Up girl and now has at least 50 lbs of JUST the STAMPS!!!! Insane...seriously insane! But we'll have SO MUCH FUN!!! Why we decided to do this on probably the worst day of the year, I don't know...apparantly we were feeling adventurous! So we got home at 10pm, unload the car and then settle in for a cup of tea, then watched an old Cary Grant movie, Father Goose! Love that movie! And that is my fun Friday is moving around lots, not sure if it's because of mild contrax due to all the heavy lifting....but he's sure active right now! lol and no worries please, the contrax are just braxton hicks, I just feel them a little more if I overdue it....I'll be good and not go crazy while we move next month!!! lol
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