Monday, January 19, 2009

I was told to update my blog so here we go! lol


I should probably update something....just not sure what 'cause I feel like I'm still hanging in world is chaos right now. I don't know if I should be packing to move or what. We found another house we like, but have since found out it's not available anymore for Feb. 1st and because there are other people interested in it as well, we're not guaranteed to get it anyways. It IS listed as available for Feb 15th though and we still want to try to get's just so perfect, yet if we don't get it, we know there's something even better out there for what do we do? Just go month to month with our current landlords? They HAVE agreed to replace all the carpets, so are we to pack up all our stuff and move it into the garage so they can replace the carpets? Where will we stay while they do that? So many questions without any answers...and tonight after praying with some friends, I'm ok with not knowing. I don't have perfect peace yet, but as I press into my Father God, the peace will come. I want to read my book with Jamie tonight called, Praying the Names of God. I need Him to guide us, or simply reveal a part of Himself to us that enables us to dig Him out of the box we've put Him in and just be able to make a choice about where we are to move to. To stop putting limits on what He's capable of.
I love how God provides friends and mentors...people who can share part of their own lives and through the tears encourage us! I feel so unworthy. These people have poured into us and I just sit and receive and when they leave I feel so incredibly loved and blessed, yet part of me is wondering how on earth can I even begin to give back to them! God will have to show me special ways I can bless them!
So, are we moving in 2 wks? I haven't even got a clue...but I'm still packing....and trusting God.
Next week I'll be 8 months pregnant and I'd really rather pack as much as I can before then....we can live on bare essentials if need be.
On a cool positive note, Jamie is going to be working with his best friend doing some flooring work in Hinton all next week! I'm insanely jealous that I can't go with him...sigh, I love Hinton and would have loved visiting with some homeschoolers I know there!!! I may go as far as Edmonton and drop him off there and visit with some Edmonton friends on the weekend...we'll have to wait and see would be a pretty rushed trip since I have to be home on Monday for a playdate. Anyhow, so he has one week of work, and then in February he has 2 or 3 weeks of work up in Yellowknife! yikes! I'll go into husband withdrawal!!! lol I've enjoyed having him home all winter! lol, but finances dictate that this is a wise thing for him to do! lol
Things are going well pregnancywise! Baby is growing and is quite active, but still lots of room and I'm not uncomfortable yet. woo hoo! I've gained 22lbs so far and am feeling so good! So the weight gain is right on target, "they" suggest most pregnant women should gain between 25 and 35 lbs, so I'm doing well.
School is going great for Silas! He's reading nicely now and will even pick up a book every now and then and read to Shyla without me begging him to!!!! LOL
He still loves doing mazes, and although we've packed away most of the homeschool stuff for now, he still has a couple of fun workbooks to stretch his brain well as some fun games that get his brain thinking. I love games! It's like you're tricking your children into learning! hehe
I think it's time for me to be quiet now...oh I was also going to post my old blog address if anyone wants to check out my older blog posts....
So there you have it!

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Vanessa said...

Hey there!
Praying for your housing situation!! So glad you're still feeling great this far into the game-wish Jesse was able to read to his siblings!
You have the exact pregnancy ticker I've just spent over half an hour trying to find-so I'm swiping it! LOL!
Guess that'll teach me for not visiting you earlier!