Monday, February 9, 2009

About to become unglued...

I want to just sit down and cry. I feel like there MUST be something I'm supposed to learn right now but can't seem to figure out what! We spent all weekend clearing out the basement so the landlords could get the carpets done. They told us we were going to get both the basement and upstairs replaced back in January and then they went back on their words and said they'd do the upstairs a couple months later when I'm about to have my baby! So when we told them that they couldn't go back on their word because of the baby being due then, they said fine, we won't change any carpets at all...I'm tired.
I'm still waiting to hear back from Pastor Lorne and Vince to give us counsel on how best to resolve our roomate issues. I don't think stress is good for baby right now...or me. I feel numb, not knowing what to do about anything, and on top of all that Jamie is in Edmonton for the week. I don't know how much more grace and patience I can keep throwing around...I think I'm going to go and dance and worship with the kids for a while until our company comes in 20 min....I need to just let God be God and lead us without me understanding or knowing what's going that what I'm supposed to learn how to do? It sucks.

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paige said...

LD, something i'm learning right now is that there are sometimes days... & weeks even... where God asks us to do something that feels like holding our breath. It feels at times like we're going to just explode... but it's in these times - of watching & waiting - that we don't *see* the growth that's happening. Keep trusting. i'll pray that God increases your lung capacity.
Much love,