Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is that a light I see???

I'm sure I see it! the light at the end of a tunnel! We got word back today that we are approved for the house we like in Chaparral, it's still a rental, but we're so excited to get away from our current landlords! lol This is what our house will look like March 1st, except with lots of boxes and furniture inside!! The only hold up is that another guy applied for this house as well as another house in Chaparral, both are the same rental price, both are nice, and we are approved for either of them as well...hopefully he'll pick the one that isn't our first choice...which is this one.
But we'd be happy with either one, they both have different perks we liked. So we are moving for sure on the March 1st weekend. No more craziness and wondering if I should pack or not! lol YES I SHOULD PACK! lol thank goodness most of it is pretty much done, it's just a matter of sorting out what is Holly's and what's ours and keeping it separate....which won't be hard since the basement is empty...still ready for the carpet dudes...lol
So that's the update....I think the next update will be a 34 wk belly shot...lol

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