Friday, February 13, 2009

Accusations...should they affect me??

What an interesting time I had yesterday...felt accused of wrong doing by our roommate as well as our landlord... sigh, yet interestingly, I know neither of the accusations were legitimate and both were done in a manipulative way. Why is all this game playing being brought to light right now? I hate game playing, I have no time for it, and now I'm being bombarded with it! Am I supposed to learn how to play the stupid mind games? or just call people on it and just say, "Sorry, bark up someone else's tree if you want to play games!"....oy....I was just starting to feel more relaxed when the emails showed up...within hours of each other...I was really nice and mature and wrote back replies, but sent them to my husband instead of He was giggling over the phone as he read them on the computer...sigh...he liked what I wrote, as it spoke for how we both feel, but I can't imagine actually sending them, they are very blunt about what's what, and I called them both on the lies put forth in the emails. I actually WILL likely send the one to the landlord because according to the research I've been doing, he has no legal grounds to keep our damage deposit or withhold payment of the receipts we submitted to him and we DO have legal grounds to leave early... In the case of our roommate a wise woman suggested to just agree to disagree and not even dignify the email with a reply. Which is so hard for me to do! I want to be understood, and it drives me nuts when I don't get that! But perhaps it's time to just let go, and let God do whatever He has in mind to do....I've done all I can. And really, I need God's validation, not mans! So this is another area I'm being stretched in...I don't really care what people think about our different lifestyle, yet when it comes to my character, I DO still care deeply about what people think...but should I??
I think the only people that should have any influence in how I feel about myself are the people I've given permission to speak into my life and point things out that don't line up with God's Word...which is what I gave the members of Faith in Action permission to do, our homegroup...and then of course I'd take the criticism and bring it before God and seek His guidance in dealing with said flaw in my life, usually the Holy Spirit either convicts me right away or shows me that that person is speaking out of their own woundings...I love Holy Spirit, He doesn't coddle me, but shows me when I DO have some areas that need pruning, and it never feels good! But in the end, I'm so much happier! I just want my understandings and beliefs to change and line up with God's truth, and they will the more I read His word and bounce off my interpretations with other people! Which brings me to a whole 'nuther, blog entry! These thoughts to be con't!!!

Oh and good news on the house we want! We are the favorable candidate to get it, but they have to just locate a place for the guy who applied before us...I hope they find a place soon! lol I'm itching to get address changes out and all the utilities changed over etc! I'm so excited for this move, it's like Christmastime all over again!


Vanessa said...

I'm so sorry people are giving you a rough time! Makes me upset-b/c they did it themselves, and want to put their own failings on you? I know you're nicer than me-I think I'd tell em where to go play their games! LOL!
Anyways, excited about the move for you guys, and pray it all comes together soon and smoothly!

Prvbs31Mama said...

thanks Vanessa! We're so excited about moving! I have to restrain myself from packing too much right now! hehe mostly all that's left is last minute stuff, you know?

Micah said...

Or...we could wash all the lying mouths out with soap....a great activity for balancing out the hormone levels!


Prvbs31Mama said...

ROFL, and it would be kinda fun in a mean sadistic sort of way...hehe