Thursday, May 7, 2009

Faith in Motion....

Soooo, in January our homegroup "Faith in Action" broke up. It was a stressful thing for us as the leader lived in our house and everyone in the group realized close to the same time that we simply couldn't submit to her leadership. There are times when certain people just should not be in leadership roles and anyhow the group disintegrated.
THEN one of the members suffered from a stroke yesterday! Well that's kinda freaky! So I called the previous Faith in Action members spur of the moment to have a prayer meeting for Ivan and almost everyone could come!! Everyone except the previous leader and her mom. We had such a good time of fellowship and prayer!!! We all prayed a blessing over Malachi and one of the members prophesied over him, it was beautiful! This was our dedication of him to the Lord! We prayed for Ivan's healing as well as our previous leader's healing. And while we all gathered around another member for a hot seat prayer, I kept getting a song going through my we sang at church on Sunday. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom...Freedom reigns in this place, showers of mercy and grace, falling on every face, there is freedom" I didn't have the guts to sing it out loud...I wish I did, but then my face would turn red and I would feel all embarrassed...sigh. When will I stop worrying about what everyone thinks?! I know I can at least carry a tune, it doesn't have to be beautiful!! I disappointed myself a bit tonight. Thank goodness I serve a God who is full of Grace and forgiveness! Don't stop prompting me Lord...I will listen AND obey soon, just don't give up on me!
Anyhow, we were all joking around and thought we should call ourselves Faith in So that's what I'm going to call us! We all want to keep meeting together and hopefully Ivan will be able to join us again soon! And hopefully add a few members soon as well!!
It's so cool to see God using Ivan's stroke to bring us all together again! How cool is that! To see in action, that what the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good!!! Wow!
It feels really good to have our housechurch up and running again! May the Holy Spirit have His way in us and lead us deeper in Him!


Lisa said...

I'm sorry about Ivan. I will pray he gets better soon.
But what an awesome blessing for your home group!! I love when the glory of God shines into our lives!

Anonymous said...

Hey LD. I'm blog checking on a rainy day! ha ha
Wow, what news about Ivan. We will be praying. It is great you all got together again and everything went so well. God is good.
Your bread post looks so yummy, too. mmmm

Take care, Carlee