Monday, May 11, 2009

Yams Gone Wild!!!

It seems everyday, that thing grows a couple of inches...I'm not even exaggerating! So I'm thinking I should plant it soon since it's a root vegetable it needs to be planted before it's consistently warm out....although this IS Alberta so I don't know what I'm worried about! The weather is NEVER consistent!! I have some beets that are leafing out as well, so we'll see how we do planting them. I don't have much of a garden plot at this house and the trampoline in the back yard takes up enough space I don't want to take any more grass space! I wonder if root vegetables would do ok in deep planters?? I'll for sure be planting tomatoes in the planters,but I DO have a LOT of It will be fun gardening this year! I think my darling Shyla will be very "helpful" long as I'm not planting strawberries! hehe I think she'd be a little TOO helpful then! Now just to decide where to plant the beets and planters or in the front garden plot??? I have until the weekend to figure it out....

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