Saturday, May 30, 2009

Springtime is finally here...or is it summer???

I'm soooo enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend! It is absolutely glorious! Time to start hounding my landlord about my lake pass so that we can go and enjoy the private beach! Oddly enough, instead of spending all my time outside, I've got this weird urge to clean my house and purge all the extras! We'll see how long this lasts...hehe

Speaking of a clean house, after reading a friends blog, I realized how little I've been speaking my husband's love language lately. He feels loved and knows that his world is alright when the house is clean and his wife is more than willing to eh'hem 'workout' without that mellowing glass of wine...sigh. I feel so loved and yet I know he's feeling a little distanced and neglected lately.

So although we're wrapping up our 'school year', I'm already getting ready and geared up for next year!!! LOL I'm so excited about the things I've already bought for next year!

Math- Mathsmart 2 (need to buy)
Social Studies-ACE paces gr.2 on Canada, Professor Noggin's Canadian Geography
English-ACE paces gr. 2
Word Building-ACE paces gr. 2
Science-Considering God's Creation
History-Mystery of History
Copywork-variety of sources...

I have no idea what area this falls into, but we'll be reading aloud some books from the "10 boys" series! They are biographies of men from the past and present. I have:
10 Boys Who Made a Difference
10 Boys Who Changed the World
10 Boys Who Made History
10 Boys Who Didn't Give In
I'm pretty excited about these!!

We'll also be starting to use Character Sketches, which teaches us character traits using the world of nature.
I'm really hoping to incorporate a lot more reading together and discussion time into our days, instead of just handing Silas a workbook and saying "do your work"

This summer we will NOT be taking off completely. We do so well on a schedule and I just don't want to fall into mega
Soooo, this summer we will be completing a stack of science experiments that are just waiting to be started and finished!
We've got an assortment of kits to do:
making crystals
making soap
investigating soil quality
building our own sound generator

He'll finish off his scholastic phonics program over the summer, which will keep him reading, if the desire to read diminishes...ya never know!
He'll also do the summer activity book for grade 2. which pretty much just keeps fresh the things he learned this past year....or should have
And I'm going to try and find some worksheets for him to keep up with his math skills...he really doesn't enjoy math, so I'm hoping that if he does just regular math drills for the summer and get using the flashcards, he'll solidify the good ole math facts.
We'll also be memorizing the 10 commandments in order this summer and really learning what those commandments mean. It was a lot of fun learning the Fruits of the Spirit with Silas this past seemed the Holy Spirit was right there with us and giving us practical examples of each fruit during each lesson (usually by allowing a scenario in which Silas or I failed miserably in showing that particular fruit...sigh)

It sounds like a lot, but really, it's not when you take into consideration that we'll be doing all this from June1st to Aug 30th!!

I should probably just copy this all out and hand it to my facilitator at her fall Simply things a
Now I'm off to make my house shine and get ready for Calaway Park tomorrow morning!!


Vanessa said...

That looks like an awesome list, LD!! You go, girl!! :) I want to look into some of those books now! (And make my own hs list!!)

L Harris said...

I need to do my list, for real.