Saturday, May 23, 2009

He really does care!

I just wonder, if perhaps stress is the main cause of my milk issues...because since my day of heartache, the Lord has blessed me richly through people! I received in the mail anonymously a substantial gift card for Sobey's, saying that the Lord has blessed them over and over and they wanted to pass on the blessing, I also received 6 free passes to Calaway Park! Plus the comments left on my blog has meant a lot to me as well! I feel supported in my time of frustration, grief and confusion! Plus this week my husband's client who had not paid for last years services finally came through and paid! Now we can pay for May's rent, and hopefully come up with Junes by the end of the week. I feel so well taken care of and then blessed with tons of little extras! My husband came home from work with a canoe the other day!! He came home from the dump with a leather loveseat a guy was going to throw out! WOW!
I'm off to see a lactation consultant today...and to get this little guy weighed and measured...I'm so curious as to how much he's grown! He'll be 10 weeks on thursday...time is flying!


Lisa said...

God *is* good! Please let us know how it goes with the LC!

jessica jespersen said...

beautiful providence. :) -j