Thursday, July 2, 2009

Field Trip....just me and the kids!!

Oh yes, you read that right! Some of you are likely laughing at me 'cause you are a mom of many and only dream of taking 3 children on a field trip...hehe But I get a little freaked out at the thought of just going to Walmart with my 3 darlings...and I was REALLY nervous about driving for 2 hours with Malachi. He's still not completely sold on the whole carseat idea yet...

Soooo, we left the house loaded with diapers, water bottles and granola bars around 10:30am, only a half hour later than I wanted to leave, so we're doing well...we fill up with gas and hit the road! I'm amazingly awake despite a rough night with Malachi (who is 3 1/2 months old but usually sleeps through the night pretty good) but decide to stop in Airdrie at Tim Hortons 'cause Malachi is starting to get fussy. So I get Malachi out of the car and we walk into Tim's, get a coffee and timbits and then he goes back into the carseat totally content! yay! Silas and Shyla were sooo well behaved the whole trip there and helped with Malachi when he wanted his bottle etc. Our next stop was A&W, kiss vegan eating goodbye this field trip! lol We got to Drumheller just before 1pm and went straight to the washroom when we got to A&W, however while Silas was washing his hands, Shyla peed on the floor...she was mortified! So after everyone had finished up in the bathroom I took Shyla back to the car for a change of underwear...I love dresses for this very reason! lol Then back in to eat. I can't wait for Malachi to sit up in a highchair so I don't need to hold him while I eat! lol It's so much easier when I have Jamie with me!
Then we're off to the Royal Tyrell Museum!! Woo hoo! We were all free since we're homeschoolers, so the only cost to this trip was gas and food! Can't go wrong there! We spent about 4 hours going through the museum and playing at the park outside the was too windy though to go on the little hike, which was really disappointing to me, but Malachi was a bit fussy already and I didn't want to make it any worse! lol We took our flat traveller with us but due to his recent makeover (getting colored and cut out) you can't see him very well in the sad.

My sweet girl got overwhelmed a couple of times though and would just act out with a mild screaming mostly just screaming at Silas because he bumped into her or So that's when we went outside to the playground...away from the crowds of people. She was easily calmed down though and she wanted in the maya wrap when Malachi was in the stroller! I was shocked she wanted to be up, but she was very cuddly and I think next time we go to the museum it will be in the middle of the week when it's really slow...not tourist season! lol
Silas was my super navigator and found the map really fast and the closest bathroom on the map when Malachi was indicating the need to poop...woohoo, we made it! I really love the fact that I don't change many poopy diapers, it sure makes cloth diapers a lot more pleasant! lol
At 5pm we left the museum and hit McDonalds for lunch...I know, I know but I had coupons and they have really yummy salads now! lol We just went through the drive thru, and hit the road. Shyla fell asleep shortly after she was done eating, and Malachi napped off and on as well.

Silas and I chatted all the way home. It was such a good day! It was stress free in the sense that I didn't have to wait for anyone or worry about anyone waiting for us. We went at our own pace and was glorious! Oddly enough, it made me feel like leaving all our schooly school behind for the summer...not what I was planning to do, but am doing anyhow! lol
Silas does one page of math a day for the month of July to finish up his workbook and he does a page a day of a summer school book which is really fun for him...he doesn't even complain! lol
I think I need to make more time to just do fun things like this with just me and the kids. It was so much fun to just watch them interact with each other in a different setting and get along so well. It opened my eyes to how much time I spend stressing about all the "shoulds" in my day and how much time I'm missing just doing fun things with the kids! More on that in another post!
I feel like I conquered something...I just don't know what yet. lol

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Vanessa said...

Awesome job, Mama!! I love the pix of the littles zonked out afterwards, LOL!!
Glad you had a great trip!