Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr. M has hit 4 months already! wow!

My little man is growing up...he's chewing on everything that comes near his mouth, drooling like a camel (in my mind they are VERY drooly kind of animals...) and looks sad every time Jamie brings food to his own mouth and doesn't share with him. Reminds me of Shyla's early interest in food at 4 months old. So ya gotta love the teething stage. He likes sucking on apple slices, but can't hold onto anything very well yet and bring it to his mouth...he's trying though, so it'll come soon no doubt, and then he can chew on sweet peppers and pickles and other veggie sticks!
"MOTHER, I'm FOUR months old now, pack away those three month baby clothes already!!"
I swear that's what he was saying today! lol

He loves jumping on the trampoline with Daddy and Shyla! The best way to get him to sleep is gently bouncing on the exercise ball and holding him against your chest...I'm thinking he'll love the "drop of doom" ride when he's older...much older!
So, he's 15lbs now and holding his own at 25 inches...don't need a new carseat quite but soon! He's only allowed to grow one more inch or 5 more lbs before we have to switch!

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Vanessa said...

Awww, LD! He's growing sooo quick!! Such a big boy!! It always makes me cry when I have to pack away outgrown clothes-Jacob's already out of his teeny newborn clothes AND dipes! sigh