Monday, August 24, 2009

My Darlin' Car

So I've got this awesome car, it's a ford taurus wagon with the neat seat in the very back that faces backwards...also known as the goonybird seat. I've always wanted a car with the goonybird seat...I just figured that every family with children should have one at some point in their lives! It's my very first car....yes I got my very own first car at the wonderful age of 31!! It's so cool to say I own such a vehicle!
So I've noticed that it's starting to run a little bit rough, so I buy some oil...when I go to put the oil in, I do the dip stick thing first and it says it's totally full! What on earth?! So right then I should have given Jamie the keys to prevent myself from driving it anymore until an oil change or something is done...sigh, but no, I decide to take a small drive and pick up some freecycle. That's when the noise got REALLY bad on the deerfoot!! Yikes! I'm really close to the Barlow exit so I limp my way onto Barlow and notice a gas station very close by, park the car at the gas station and pop the hood...steam/smoke pouring out...didn't notice this while driving!!! Then I go and check the oil cause the oil light had come on while limping to the gas station (which was also a major truck stop!!!) Anyhow, the oil is still full as can be, but the dipstick with the oil on it is so hot it's steaming/smoking...not normal apparantly...
So I phone Jamie and he phones his brother, his brother phones me and confirms what I think is wrong...the oil pump. So AMA comes in record time to take the car to Kal-tire where my sister in law, Naomi works and Kevin (Jamie's brother) comes to my rescue and drives me and the kids home because AMA can only take 2 dumb is that?! Cool thing was, I didn't have to follow the tow truck to Kal-Tire and pay the extra mileage, I guess a mom with 3 kids (well behaved I might add!!) plays on the sympathies of tow truck drivers!! lol
So I'm still waiting to hear back from Kal-tire as to what exactly the problem is with the car, however I got a call from them saying that there is a guy who has the exact same car and is needing to sell his quickly as he is, right now my hopes are up that somehow between my car and the guys car, I can get on the road again without having to buy anything expensive...meanwhile, I have to remember to stop freecycling cause I have no way to pick anything up!! lol or go on playdates...sigh. This will be interesting while I wait to get back on the road! I'm SO used to being independent!!!
This experience hasn't been very painful though as I've seen God's hand in the small details. not having to pay extra mileage, Kevin had the day off and was able to pick us up, possible car available at Kal-tire should my car not be able to be fixed...I really don't know what is going on here. I DO know that God works all things for good, I will patiently wait for the good!!


Lisa said...

I feel for you LD! God is good and in control.
Praying for you! btw thanks for the kumon suggestions. I totally forgot about those books. I love them!

paige said...

haha, it's my dream to be stuck at home! How did we get to be friends?? hehe. i hope you can get it all worked out though, 'cause i know how much you love your wheels!