Monday, August 17, 2009


Not much to say really, not in the right frame of mind I guess. Feeling a little blue about the world around me and wanting to just stay inside my little house and shield my family from pain. Two gramma's are not doing with cancer and one with dementia...will they both be gone by Christmas? Then a member of our homechurch is in the hospital with cancer as well...caught early thank goodness. The kids are all well, Malachi has his first cold and is a little needy but this is good cause he's nursing a LOT more than normal, so hopefully we'll just keep boosting my milk supply, I wonder if we will ever get off formula....Shyla is really testing boundaries right now and is having a ton of accidents and so we've put her back in pull ups for now...not sure what is causing this or how to fix this issue....Silas is awesome, yet I'm always so hard on him...why? sigh. Jamie is still my knight in shining armor...sigh, he's so good to me! If there was ever anyone in my life that lived a life of love and sacrifice, it would have to be my he's not perfect, but right now when I think about him, he's "all that and a bag of chips"!!!! If my own computer ever starts working properly I'll do my 5 month update on Mr. M.
That's all for now!

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Michele said...

Hang in there sweetie, things will get better. I have been where you are more times than I can count. In fact currently my two little girls have allergies (I am guessing Abby does anyway- she is sneezing, stuffy and goopy-eyed) and Julia has been peeing everywhere even though she has been potty trained for months. And my oldest is a gem, but she so often gets the very short end of the stick. I think being aware of the problem is half the battle and also recognizing that you are stressed to the max. There is a book called Prayers and Peanut Butter. If you can find it, I think it would help you. It is just practical advice for retaining your sanity and staying close to God, while being a good mom and wife. I know I found it inspiring. Best of luck to you and keep your chin up :)