Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Restaurant Quality...

So a fabulous friend of mine did some wonderful research after her husband had a serious case of food poisoning, and she came across a great website that allows the public to view health inspection reports on restaurants!! Oh was I excited to see this!! I typed in some of my most frequented restaurants and was happy to see that only 1 was a dive!! yay! We usually do take out if we eat restaurant food...lol Anyhow, here's the link!
Just go to the site and pick your town/city and then find any restaurant! I'm so excited about this! Granted, the restaurants have 24 hours notice before an inspection, but if it's a dive, they won't do well with the inspection anyways since there really is only so much you can do in 24 hours! haha
Hope this helps some of you pick and choose wisely!

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~Anona~ said...

It was awful, and I am glad they make these violations public. They even list the name of the owner and cell numbers at the top of all the reports. Easy to call directly like we did!