Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weight and Height and Age updates!!

Soooo, Silas is 8 1/2 yrs old, 4ft 8in tall, 77 1/2 lbs. which means he's in the 91st percentile for weight and 96th percentile for height! He's my super helper!

Shyla, is 3yrs 8 months old, 3ft 1in tall, and 31 lbs. Which means she's in the 26th percentile for weight and the 12th percentile for height! She's my little muffin!! lol

Malachi is 9 months next week and is 28 1/2inches tall and 22 lbs. Which means he's in the 68th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height! He sooo doesn't seem very babylike anymore, learning something new everyday...sigh. Today it was the stairs...and my babygate isn't big enough to go across!!! Guess what he's getting for Christmas this year?! Can't decide between a helmet and a

Soooo Silas is now an avid reader and although he found the Hardy Boys boring, he's really enjoying the Sugar Creek Gang!! A better choice anyways in my opinion! lol

Shyla...ohhh darling little Shyla, she spent about an hour erasing the walls and doors upstairs today. We also found out that she is a lefty! No wonder she is so different from Silas! She is my most creative child and loses herself easily in a game of pretend! many milestone being past everyday! He's crawling and getting into everything, pulling himself up and looking proud once he's standing...and he loves the stairs! He also loves to scream...sigh, we've tried spraying him with water, gently slapping his lips...all to no avail. So we just put him in his crib and he screams and plays in's not an upset scream, it's a look at me scream, but he does it ALL THE TIME! Soooo, after going through the whole, change his diaper, offer a bottle, offer food...he just gets put to He'll be heading there soon according to my headache...hee hee

So that's my little update!


~Anona~ said...

Our 'babies' are almost the same size! Baby girl outweighs him by a pound and a half now. (You were not kidding about his size.)

I remember the -screamy- stage. Only our little girl did not really outgrow it...she just got more selective.

deborah said...

LD, I had no idea that Silas was 8.5! :) I really didn't think about how old he was...maybe I thought he was closer in age to Kazia. LOL

Sombra said...

At 12 months, Trent was 30 lbs, off the chart. The Dr wanted me to put him on a diet. today, at 17, he's 6ft and 168lbs.. that's about 80th percentile for height and about 75 percentile for weight. Glad I didn't listen to the Dr! He's perfect!