Monday, March 8, 2010

Learning Languages...

So...I'm extremely unsatisfied with my understanding of the Bible. It's not because I'm dumb and don't have a good handle on English. It's because I'm not fluent in many other languages. I'm learning Hebrew right now and then want to venture into Greek. Why? So that I can fully understand the Bible...I want to know exactly what is said, when it seems there are inconsistencies...a friend of mine wrote a little blog post and it shows very clearly WHY it is important! Enjoy!



deborah said...

That's so neat that you're venturing into other languages. I would love to do that one day too. Sometimes I wish I could read the Bible in its original version(s), for the sake of understanding. :)

Prvbs31Mama said...

don't wait Deborah...check them out soon! The whole Bible's original language was Hebrew/Aramaic.
And in the times we are living in right now, we NEED to be able to understand the prophesies, otherwise when Y'shua returns to this earth, many will be unprepared because they didn't know the signs of the times.
The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem are trying to get permission to start up the sacrifices again for the Passover this year...if they do, we are watching prophesies come into fulfillment!!
Even if you have a Hebrew/English and Greek/English dictionary, that would help make sense or further clarify certain Scriptures.
Blessings to you Deborah!

Stephanie4Him said...

Isn't exciting to learn more truths and what better way to do this than to go back to the original language they were spoken in! Our creator will soon restore all language to one, HIS! We as believers should be trying to learn. I know that in our home as we are learning Hebrew, the scriptures not only come alive but our passion is stirred to greater depths!

Yah bless you Lori-Dawn!!