Friday, March 12, 2010

Our First Passover!

What an exciting time! We have learned that the barley is ripe (abib) in Jerusalem and this is the sign that is needed to start the new Biblical year! (Exodus 12, 34:18, Leviticus 23, Deuteronomy 16:1) And if you read any of those verses I just referenced, you will know that on the 14th day of the 1st month we are to celebrate the Passover and then on the next night the 15th we are to celebrate the week long Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Now just as the Israelites were to get rid of all the leaven in their homes during this time...we will also be getting rid of all the leaven in our home..baking soda, baking powder and yeast. But going even further, we will be examining our hearts and getting rid of the leaven (hidden sins) in our hearts and will be teaching our children this important part of these Feasts and the importance of making things right between family members. This is a common custom during "Communion" in the church...unfortunately the church has added to the Scriptures by doing this weekly or monthly instead of yearly.

Part of getting rid of the leaven in our home will include finally purging the Christmas items as well as any unclean food. We are careful not to eat unclean meat, but I will be going through our pantry and finding all the items with hidden jello and marshmallows (they have horse in it!! gross!). So off to the library to try and find a book to help me keep the Biblical dietary instructions.
Interestingly enough the Rabbi's of old added to these instructions and Yahshua (Jesus) talks to them about this in Mark 7...Here is a good article written by Tim Hegg, Did God Change His Mind About Food?.

And here is a quick list of clean and unclean foods for those interested.

What a good way to start the Biblical year eh? Examining our hearts for hidden sin and making things right with people. This feels so much better and fruitful than the tradition of New Year's Resolutions that often set us up for failure!!

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Stephanie4Him said...

Obviously YHWH is speaking to his children's hearts because I just posted very similarly about eating! Awesome! Your post is excellent and a very true reminder. I am so excited to following you through your first time of keeping the spring appointments with our creator! I can feel the joy in your heart! Yah bless you and your home sister!