Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Longer on Facebook

Sooooo, I will likely post on here more often. haha
I was talking with my sister today, and our conversation got me thinking a lot.  Some of the things she said hurt, but they were truthful...I don't feel like I know what love really is.  I know how to act loving, and I *feel* loving many times throughout my days, but how can I love others if I don't love myself?  If the disease I have (diabetes) has the spiritual roots of self-rejection and self-hatred...then how on earth am I even capable of love?  I can't even love Yahweh, if this is how I feel about His own creation!!  If I can't give love, how can I accept love?  It is all so warped!  I'm slowly trying to figure this all out with my gracious Creator's help...I'm so glad He's full of mercy cause I'm not sure how long this will take!  But as I read A More Excellent Way I believe I'll enjoy the benefits of health as I work through my issues with God.
So anyhow, because of my love issue, I figure I have no place in the facebook world right now.  I can share all the truths I'm learning, but until Love is flowing through my words no one will see the Creator in me.  So I will hide beneath the shadow of His Wings and learn His Ways and work on sanctification, a never ending process for sure! lol  But I likely won't be back on Facebook...who knows really.
But I just thought I would explain why I'm no longer there.  I'm not satisfied with my relationship with my Creator, so instead of getting distracted online, I will instead spend time with Him and learn to hear His voice and DO what He tells me to do in His Word. 


Lisa said...

I understand LD. But if you aren't going to be on facebook, you have to update your blog more often! lol

God bless...


Shea said...

Oh honey dont buy into that. I honestly think that is the enemy talking. He WANTS you to hide. He loves it when Yahs people are in seclusion. The last thing the devil needs is some happy christian out there loving people.

You should go back to your facebook and go to as many peoples pages as you feel led and encourage them. Add people from depression groups and reach out to them. Add people from loss groups, suiside, grief.... there are so many. Its such a hurting world out there on facebook and it NEEDS YOU!!!

Stephanie4Him said...

I must say that the first thing that came to my spirt and heart as I read your entry is that you are being attacked by the enemy and buying into his lies. Not one person is perfect or loves all the time in such a perfect way...it is a process and it makes us realize just how much we need our loving Father! In our weakness He is made stronger! I can understand leaving FB for wanting more time with YHWH but don't leave because you believe you can't minister to others. You were making an impact there!! Personally I go back and forth but Shea is right, there are so many lost and hurting people out there. Then again as you said, you will be here more and you can read many just through your blog. I will lift you up and pray for our Abba to give you His wisdom and understanding. Oh how we need HIM!!

Love you and blessings,