Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Woe Canada...a more applicable national anthem...

Woe Canada
Woe Canada! Our home on Native land!
False patriot love from many ethnic clans
With breaking hearts we see demise
A weak North gone PC
From far and wide, Woe Canada!
We dropped our guard on thee
Someone save our land, sadly now weak-kneed
Woe Canada, we dropped our guard on thee
Woe Canada, we dropped our guard on thee.

Woe Canada! Where homeland hatreds grow
Old country grudges, and tribal hostilities flow
How clear to us, this sad refrain
From East to West we see
A land of hope being played as a dope
A weak North gone to seed.
Woe Canada! Beneath carbon-tainted skies
No stalwart sons nor gentle maidens rise
Such words make lefties squeam
From East to Western sea
Our own misjudgments on Native land
Our poor North, weak not free
No supreme ruler exists.  To hear a humble prayer
No God, no Allah, no Buddha, no whatever
To guard the land we share
But help us to find, in the mess we now see
A way to turn back, and remember with ease
When we once stood on guard for thee.

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