Monday, December 15, 2008

My Week Nov. 8/08

Hmmm, let's start on Monday. A regular school day for us and I had to make another appointment for an ultrasound because according to the message on my answering machine they missed a picture. Ok, that's fine, so I'm making my appointment and I asked what picture they missed and she said, "oh we just needed you to come in 6-7 days later" So I was wondering all week what that was about...Tuesday comes and after another good day of homeschooling, Shyla somehow cuts the top side of her finger off...sigh, drama drama, I had to put pressure on it for quite a while to get the bleeding to subside enough to put a bandage on tightly enough to keep the bleeding stopped....then we have Wednesday, another good homeschooling day and then I decide to take Shyla to the Dr's to get her finger looked at and at the same time I wanted to ask the Dr what was up with the after getting the regular lecture about refusing the tetnus shot, Shyla was such a brave little girl and let the nurse bandage her back up very nicely and the nurse even cut me some bandages to take home!! yay! the top of the finger is so awkward to bandage up!!! lol Then the Dr. comes to talk to me about the ultrasound and said that they needed to confirm that the baby does or does not have a cleft lip/palate!!!!! WHAT??? So now I'm getting a little more concerned and tell Jamie this, and we pray lots that evening that baby is completely fine. Now for Thursday! Silas and I had a fun field trip!! We went to the Orchestra Games at the Jack Singer Concert Hall and had a blast! there was a 13 yr old pianist for a couple of the songs and he was fabulous! Then we took the transit back home and had some lunch then we were off to the ultrasound. Baby was incredibly uncooperative!! lol And I was able to ask the tech questions while she tried to get baby to move and found out that the placenta is anterior (by my bellybutton) so that's why I don't feel tons of movement, and the tech also allieved my worries by telling me that they just couldn't get a good picture of the lip at the first ultrasound, NOT that there was a possiblity of cleft lip/palate...and baby never did cooperate he had his legs together and straight down so I couldn't even prove to Jamie what the sex was! lol AND he also had his arms together in front of his face the whole time...hehe
You probably wonder why I'm thinking this is I felt God telling me over and over during the ultrasound, "Just trust me!" So with baby not cooperating I felt like even baby was telling me to stop relying on technology of man for things that God is completely in control of!! It was very reassuring. And then my own sweet husband reminding me of why we are going unassisted with this pregnancy and those tables turned! lol I'm doubting myself and letting the enemy cause fear in me and lack of trust in God, and my wonderful husband is the one who builds me up and reminds me to have faith in God's awesome and wonderful power!!! Needless to say, I'm so thankful for the support he's been throughout my godless worrying! My trust and faith is in God alone....I'm done worrying if things are going normally or not. I will trust that the Holy Spirit will place rational concern in Jamie AND myself if we need to get medical attention. Even taking Shyla to the Dr. for her finger...I didn't need to. We had it under control and it's healing just fine! God has us under His wings as we continue to seek and follow Him in our lives.
Friday was a fun day for me! I spent my morning in line at Scholar's Choice...first a line to get into the store and then a 45 minute lineup to pay for my stuff!! lol Then I had some homeschool friends over for a playdate and it was wonderful!! All of us are pregnant and it's just so fun, we were however missing someone who usually joins us and we all missed her and her kids but it DID work out well cause our house is so We ate gingersnaps and drank French Vanilla Bean Coffee with whipped cream on top! lol sigh, preggo's must indulge!
Our Faith in Action group met that evening and we met at the Lifestyle Lottery House where we had bought a ticket. After going through it for about an hour we gathered outside on the driveway and joined hands and prayed about the possibility of winning...what it would mean for our whole group. When we walked through it this time I felt at home...there are some little changes I would make but ultimately I felt comfortable there, which is not normal for me at all...I don't like fancy or wealthy looking neighbourhoods/houses....I don't feel at home in that atmosphere....but with the potential of what we could turn this house just fits...even the address has spiritual meaning to me! the house number itself means 'double grace' which is what our aim for the house to be filled with! The grace to love one another and NOT have any judgement and condemnation there. Another part of the address is 'Spirit Ridge ****' while I see this house as a big possibility, I can't help but be scared to get my hopes up. God's got the perfect plan and we will rest in it regardless....we only have to wait 2 more weeks until the draw
I can't imagine having anything else to add to my week, other than I'll be glad for a quieter one this week!
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