Monday, December 15, 2008

We Won....Hmmmm Dec 1/08

Well, sort We didn't win the lottery house, and we woke up on Sunday morning knowing that it wasn't ours, but the neat thing was that we weren't disappointed!!! We knew the house had served it's purpose and that was to plant the dream of living in community with others. We will still be moving at the end of our lease, but likely to a normal sized house with 6 bedrooms.
We still want to live in community with others and we know we need at least 6 bedrooms in order to do this...whether we rent again or are approved for a mortgage, we know God has His hands all over us, otherwise He wouldn't have planted the vision He did.
So that's that news...things are going well pregnancy wise. Baby is kicking up a storm in there and I just can't wait to be able to see the movements through my belly, lol. I don't feel as much as I'd like to simply because the placenta is anterior....smack on the front of my tummy sigh, but perhaps that's a good thing so I sleep well at night and am not feeling so much movement. hehe God thinks of everything!!
School is going so well!!! It's hard to believe Silas' music class will be over after this week! Then next week he will be starting swimming lessons, he's so excited!! I'm going to try to find some sport thing to put him in after Christmas, he's just got so much energy!
He wrote his first song today, put it down on paper and everything! I was so pleased that it was a "praise and worship" kind of song!!! How exciting to a mama's heart to hear her son's first song talking about God and how he wants to have a party with Him!!!! and being pregnant of course I was all emotional, although I think I hid it well from him! lol Anyhow, here is his very first written song (keep in mind he is at a grade 1-2 level)
"I wont to see yo God hav a prde hav a prde yo or God"
translation if needed...."I want to see you God, have a party, have a party, you are God."
So yeah, lol, I'm a proud little mama. hehe Both him and Shyla were so sing songy today it was really cute! Oh and he wrote the song on a whole bunch of papers so they were "easy to read" "I" was on one page "wont" was on another page He was in teaching mode apparently!
Ok, enough bragging...hehe, have I mentioned yet that my 2 1/2 yr old is FINALLY out of diapers during the day? Has been for a good month and a half now after a very long potty pause...she'd been doing very well with potty training and hadn't pooped in her diaper since she was 6 months old but when she turned 2 yrs old all hell broke loose! Anyhow, that's done and I'm happy! I'll have a nice 6 month break from diapers until this little one is born and we'll start using the potty right from birth this time instead of waiting until sitting is established.
We had lots of fun last week helping my parents and grandparents pack up their stuff and move from the 4000+ sq foot home to a 700 sq foot basement suite!! That was just so weird! This big house was the house my mom grew up in on the farm and it was moved to the city the year I got married, so even my younger siblings grew up in it!! But a 7 bedroom home with a grannysuite and huge double garage is simply too big for 4 retired adults! So my mom and dad bought a smaller house and completely gutted it last year with my grampa and have completed the basement suite renovations so far and were pleased to sell their large home and move into the suite this past's a tight fit for 4 adults, but they will be able to put so much more effort into the upstairs of the house now with only a small place to take care of!!! I'm so excited for them to get the whole house done!! Their plans have changed so much over the course of the year that I can't wait to see what the finished product is going to look like! woo hoo! And the cool thing is they sold the big house to an organization that will use it as a group home for the physically disabled!! So it's awesome to see it meeting the needs of others and not just be a nice house for wealthy know?
This year Jamie hasn't quite decided what to do with his winter yet in the way of working...I've been peaceful up until now. I'm starting to freak out and wonder where we're going to pull rent from in sigh, Lord calm my heart beyond all understanding and show me ways to be frugal that I'm not already doing. (but don't make me give up the internet...hehe) Jamie HAS made lots of comments about wanting to go help my parents work on the house though, so who knows what will happen this winter! lol perhaps we won a different cool prize from the lottery and we can sell it to carry us through the winter?!! lol, God knows our hearts and first and foremost we want to be giving of our time and abilities and invest our money in the people He leads us to. So we will trust Him to sustain us, but it's so much easier said than done sometimes. However I will keep speaking His truth and know that His will is always done.'s almost midnight...sigh, so much for getting into bed at a decent
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