Monday, May 11, 2009

He's 2 Months Old Now!!!

Well, hopefully in the next few months we will hear a giggle or two! Shyla absolutely loves playing with Malachi. And he loves the attention she gives him! It seemed the harder she smacked his back the bigger he smiled! She's just prepping him for wrestle time with Silas. hehe

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Anonymous said...

hey Lori...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (May 12th) TO MY FIRST NIECE EVER!!!!!! (its your old.. very old Auntie Pam here...) how lovely to hear Malachi giggle and to hear Shyla having fun with him, and Silas talking in the background.. those giggles sure sound like you when you were that little!!! sigh, yes Im old!! speaking of age.... never mind!!lol May the Lord Bless you and your beautiful family richly!!!
Love always... Auntie Pam