Friday, May 15, 2009

SIDS and Vaccination linked...

Subject: Landmark case against the US Health department on vaccination brain injury

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Finally the truth begins to come forward on the issue of vaccination deaths in newborns.

The Journal of Pediatrics has published as well showing that in a randomized trial of newborns given - DTaP, HIB, polio [IPV], Hep B and Prevnar vaccines major adverse events occurred.


1. In 85% of the children an abnormal plasma elevation of CPR (a marker protein which indicates a heightened state of inflammation in the body).

2. The inflammation presented by the elevated CPR leads to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), where the child suffocates.

3. 70% of the newborns given only one vaccine showed substantive increases in CPR.

4. 16% of all of the newborns had cardio respiratory events (stopped breathing) within 48 hours of the vaccination.

5. Severe intra-ventricular hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) was found in infants who received multiple vaccines.

Please take 4 minutes to view the youtube NBC TV News interview on this landmark case of a brain injury caused by the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

Vaccination caused brain damage March 2009

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