Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A few things that kind of tie together...

So I read a blog today that totally touched my heart.  It was about someone who witnessed two abandoned toddlers/preschoolers in the slums of a city in Uganda. They were brothers, left to fend for themselves.  Read more Here

 And the other thing that has me contemplating our lifestyle and how much we let the distractions of the world in, is a clip from a sermon by the late David Wilkerson.

This sermon, makes me feel sick that I get so caught up in things that really don't my heart breaking for the hurting and the lost???  What am I doing in my own little world to help those that are hurting?  Am I even aware of what they're going through?  Oh how I want to be driven by passion to help the hurting and lost...the orphans and abandoned children....the widows and the poor.

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Lisa said...

I didn't watch the sermon, but I think you are doing a pretty good job :) Its a process right? An always ongoing process that we will never perfect. But growth is so important, so its good to keep challenging ourselves.